Thursday, January 31, 2008

Caroline turns 1!

I considered waking up at 3:43am today to go give my baby girl a bday kiss at the exact time she was born like I do with Landon but sleeping a few extra hours won out! The day started off well...we heard her talking away in her room around 8am so Landon went in there to sing to her (first pic) and then after dropping him off at pre-school today for his big field trip to see dinosaur bones, C and I took a little trip to Sugarbaby's to share a bday cupcake together!

NASA outing with the Dallas Crokers

After living in Houston for almost eight years (yikes!), we finally took the time to tour NASA with Phil's brother Bruce and his family. Caroline and Landon were troopers going from building to building on the 90min "tram" tour but I think that Landon's favorite part was the playground area afterwards!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Houston weather is crazy this winter!

Caroline is enjoying the record high temperatures in Houston this winter...we have been able to play in our backyard on the swingset almost every day since returning home from the Christmas holidays in California! Check out the curls that are coming in...

Houston Half-Marathon is finally over - phew!

I (candice) trained with my good friend and neighbor Maggie for the Houston Half-Marathon (13.1mi) starting in July 2007...the race took place on Sunday, Jan 13 and the weather was flawless! I was fighting a horrible sinus infection that week but by some unknown force, I felt 95% better by Sunday went very well! We ran at a snail's pace, finishing in 2hr 48min but we did it - yippee! Our other neighbors had even made posters for us and hung then on the house, tp'ed our trees and then brought us margaritas afterwards :)