Friday, February 13, 2009 you're telling me there's a chance!

Step 6 - there have been a lack of updates on Step 6 (which is a minor step - get the engine back in the car) due to the maroonment (thats a word I think) of our trusty 116hp engine at a certain shop in town.

Well - we finally managed to break free the Engine of Destiny this week, and returned our trusty rusty baby to its rightful home.

The engine is officially residing in the car, bolted in, and has 90% of the various hoses and connections fitted. The other 10%? Who knows where they go, what they do, or why they're there. I don't think they're important at all. Same goes for the 4 bags of bolts, washers, screws, and shims that are sitting on the desk.

Sunday - the clutch will be fitted, the new starter motor's going in, fluids, etc, and then its time to start this puppy up.

Step 7 - the new sport springs (which were donated, cough cough, in case the Jalopnik boys are reading this) were installed as well, and the ride height and stiffness are both greatly improved. The whole goal here is to minimize the chances of Nick The Stig from rolling this car over again.

The race is getting close (2 weeks), and we have yet to hear this car run since October of last year. And yes - the comment about all the spare bolts and connections was a joke. And yes - thats Dave standing on top of the engine on the hoist trying to get it positioned properly.

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