Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Finally...it's time to race this Sunday. After...
  • 300 miles of running this year
  • 68000 meters of swimming (sounds way more impressive in meters than saying 42 miles)
  • 800 miles of riding (a huge short-fall really)
  • 5 flat tires & 2 broken spokes
  • 1 achilles injury and 1 sore hamstring that won't go away
  • 184 days of Dave cursing at me while I stretch (he doesn't stretch)
  • 8 warmup races, well, 7.5 for me if you take into account Flattire-a-Palooza this past May
  • 1 running accident in front of an entire crew of road workers (they were very entertained)
...the Vineman 70.3 is finally here. For up-to-date results after the race, goto http://www.vineman.com/ironman/results_race01.htm. Goals for the race for me is to beat 6 hours, and for Dave to beat 5:45. We'll be hanging out on the coast before and after the race getting ready for 6 hours of pain. Preparation will....you know....look like this:

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