Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Race week is officially here. Basically, that means that:
  • We've run out of things to argue about, which for this build, has been numerous.
  • Like Aggies, we didn't lose, we've run out of time to make the car a winner.
  • We ran out of paint. And lets be honest, anything besides painting, we suck at (with no offense directed to the fab man Nick and his exquisite body work...and I'm not referring to his body, nor the front mesh job)
  • The neighbors are threatening to call the cops over too many late night testing sessions.
  • Our wives have disowned us and are dating authentic Swedes named Sven, Torkel, and Olaf.
Anyhow - the race is this weekend. Weather outlook is pretty good, car reliability outlook is cloudy with a chance for sunshine, and the fun outlook is very sunny. Hope to see you there this weekend. If you want to know how to find us in the paddock area...look for this, as it will be the only one there (you could also look for the cloud of white smoke and oil spills):

Here are the finished photos of the car...that is, finished as long as I am successful in beating back the dogs on the team who want more and more graphics on the car:

(By the way...."KILL" is not what we're trying to do to each other)

Just like a F18 cockpit, except with a Pac Man style boost gauge added. And holes in the floor boards.

Dual exhaust pipes...kind of. Like a Lexus IS-F....

Our motto. Show - No Go.

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