Friday, August 15, 2008

Week 1 - Lemon Build

The first week of the Lemon is done, and we achieved to make the 1982 Saab look like a 1982 Slaab. Things accomplished this week:

1) removed dashboard, including probably many wires and vacuum hoses which will prove to be critical later.
2) removed a Bose-esque Sony cassette player (with digital read out)
3) removed everything on the two doors apart from the door itself, which will make driving it to Dallas even more fun.
4) removed all interior parts behind the front seats
5) removed all exterior trim pieces due to aerodynamic drag. Well, at the minimum, they were ugly.
6) removed clamshell hood, which opens backwards anyways to expose an engine bay that has a backwards engine.
7) removed half of heater system. We questioned whether this was a good call afterwards, which simply means that the other half is coming out because we'll never be able to reconstruct this Swedish torture device again.

Pictures below. Note sweaty Lemons. It was muggy. Also note the oil drips underneath the Slaab. More to follow on that I'm sure when we reconvene to work on the actual go-fast(er) parts.

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