Friday, August 29, 2008

Week 4 - The Special Olympics of Wrenching

Week four turned into the LeMons version of the Special Olympics. With only 2-3 hours alloted for the night, we spent well over an hour getting the car up on jack stands. Thanks to Lars Koster (no, unfortunately he's not Svedish), we got jack stands that are about 4' tall. I think they built the Pyramids with less engineering than what Dave and I used to get this POS up.

Week 3, for those of you wondering and counting, was spent producing a chemical spill worthy of the Exxon Valdez in the Croker driveway. We spent 2 hours degreasing the engine bay and killing small Otters in Galveston Bay.

Items accomplished this week:
- removed shocks and springs (no struts). We managed not to kill ourselves (yet) with compressing the spring. After the horrific jacking experience, you never know.

- removed brake calipers and brake pads. Our manual showed some manly Swede removing the brake pads with his manly Swede finger tips. We had to use manly American hammers and screw drivers. The rotors are pretty crappy on inspection.

- confirmed lack of anti-roll bar.

- removed heater from car, and looped coolent lines. When the car has a coolent leak, we'll know where to look first.

- collectively came to the realization that we have a lot of work to do before our welding weekend in Dallas.

This first picture is a testament to the engineering talents coming out of UT. Just look at the Slaab. Its actually ON the jack stands:

Calling Mr. DeGreaser....Mr. Degreaser...please come to aisle 2:

Source of future coolent leak:

Look sway bars (and no CV joints either)

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