Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well, its a little lighter anyway. This car is in serious need of a lowering kit. Stay tuned on that front. Week 2 included some new tools, including a six pack of Becks beer. I think it helped in our workmanship tonight.

Items accomplished this week:
- removed all remaining elements of the interior, including all a/c related parts, heater parts (apart from heater radiator), seats, carpet, and structural rigidity.
- removed compressor, condensor, hoses and anything else on the air conditioning system.
- started car to make sure it still runs after ravaging the wiring harness.

Couple of things to note in the pictures below
1) there is now a HUGE hole in the firewall that needs to be plugged as part of our welding work.
2) seat height. You'll notice we're sitting...uhh...a little low. We need to weld another brace in the car to mount the OMG seat.
3) oil leaks - we have potentially a head gasket leak. You would think we're down on power if it leaks, but then again, we only have 116hp to start with.
4) the shift lever, commonly called the shit lever, pulls straight up and out of the housing. that will be fun in turn 4.

Work for next week - CV joints and springs!

This is a picture of the floor of the car where the seat goes...we need another cross brace here to mount the seat.

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