Friday, September 19, 2008

Slaabin in the Dark

First of all, our camera broke during the hurricane, so we're stuck with crappy Blackberry photos this week. Second of all...we're working with no power this week (apart from one shop light run on a long extension cord from a neighbors generator). Thanks Ike.

We're one week away from the big trip to Dallas, and its looking like the Slaab is almost ready for the trip. No one is particularly enthusiastic about actually driving it up there, but what has to be done has to be done.

This week - we got the new rotors installed, put the brake calipers back on and managed to break the seals on both of them (thus requiring new calipers), put the hood back on.........and held our breath. Given that our wiring harnesses look like a bowl of spaghetti, we were nervous about the Slaab actually starting again. Low and behold, we turned the key and it didn't start. Start nervous sweating.

We checked everything we could find to no avail. After all but giving up..."hey Dave...whats this plug here?!?" The starter motor was unplugged when we were rerouting our heater lines. Dave muttered some blue language.

Hey Dave - heres the plug YOU UNPLUGGED YOU MORON!

We also got the sway bar installed. In the dark. With a sway bar that is questionable whether it was manufactured properly. In the dark. Did I say we were working in the dark?

Look Ma - we have a sway bar!

Finally - the car was ready to roll. Just look at her, sitting all fine and pretty! We never lowered the car, and it, uhhhh, shows.

We rolled the car out into the pitch black Ike night...started the Slaab up, and took her for a test drive. Remember - we have no headlights (switch is broken). But we do have HAZARDS! So we drove around, hazards blinking, driving the car around testing brakes (leaking like a Pakastan Dam), CV joints (was that a popping noise we heard or not?!?), sway bar (still drives like crap), motor (still 113hp), and anything else. All in all - a good drive.

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