Friday, September 12, 2008

Week 6 - Hurricane Slaabin'

Week 6 reminded me why I hate working on cars...particularly old crappy ones. Similar to the handling characteristics of the Saab 900, the work plan was aggressive. Like the Saab 900, the result was less than admirable.

The biggest news of the week is that we added a second Saab to the team roster this week. After being blown away by the backwards nature of the Lemon Saab, I decided to replace the pickup with yet another Saab. Sadly, it won't make it past the judges at the race.

First of all, we totally violated every Saab principle by storing plants on top of it as part of the Hurricane storage process.

Things we accomplished this week (the goal was to finish everything on the front suspension and get the tires back on).

- reinstalled springs (uncut)
- reinstalled shocks (old ones)
- finished new CV joint installation

We attempted to put the new vented rotors on the car, but ran into problems figuring out how to get the rotors reversed in the housing to fit the new pads and thicker rotor. Thus...Dave returned today (Hurricane Day) to pass the time and to see if we could crack the Saab brake caliper nut. We figured it out, but realized that the rotors that were sent to us don't fit with this caliper and dust cover.

Thus - we're going back to standard rotors next week. Next weeks work includes finishing the brakes, getting new tires installed, plugging the holes in the firewall, including the one where you could crawl through, and some other minor items.

Here are pictures from todays follow up brake session:

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