Friday, September 5, 2008

WEEK 5 Progress

Week 5 is probably one of the tougher nights we'll have working on the car, as it was CV Joint night.

Nick forgot the beers, so the work only took half as long. The heavy metal music was absent this week too, so Dave complained about not having Kenny Chesney playing. I was distraught over selling my truck, and realizing that the pile of Saab trash would be going to the dump in the back of the Q7. Overall, the mood was somber.

Things accomplished:

1) Removed both CV joints and drive shafts. Getting the nut off the end of the driveshaft took a long time, and ultimately we had to reassemble the brakes to get it off. Everything seems to look good, and we'll hopefully wrap up the CV joints, new rotors, and pads next week.

2) While Nick and Dave slackjawed their way through the CV process, the team cap'm was busy working his butt off inside the car. While they managed to only remove TWO CV joints, I managed to get 8 screws / bolts complete in the car. The beatings will continue until moral and speed improve for those two.

The seat is back in the car ready for the upcoming test drives and Dallas trip. Also, the new Granny-style rear view mirror is installed.

3) We removed the rear tires to inspect the shocks, springs, and brake pads. All look fine, and will not be touched for now. We decided against cutting down the springs until further parking lot race track tests.

The team cheerleader came out in the morning to inspect the progress. She was not pleased.

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